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Five minutes with the Diner... Vernon Davis
by Michael E Lawrence
October 27th 2010
vernon davis Football Diner. You've been making a lot of plays recently and scoring touchdowns - but the offense as a whole still needs to take a step forward. Is this the perfect opportunity with Troy at QB?
Vernon Davis. Yeah, I think it's a big opportunity no matter who we got at QB - I think we got three guys who can get it done. I like Troy - he has lot of potential just like the other two guys we have on the roster.
Football Diner. Would you like to see more of the ball, is that something you're pushing for?
Vernon Davis. I'd love to see more targets! Anytime - any day, any night, whenever! That's what I like to do. Basically, I like to help my team win so the more we get the balls in the hands of the playmakers, the more we got a good chance of winning.
Football Diner. The big question is at 1-6, do you still feel there's a fighting chance?
Vernon Davis. Yeah I do - you can't not believe. You have to finish strong though, especially in this game and in this league. You have to finish strong and you have to keep your head up no matter what.
Football Diner. So what's the philosophy?
Vernon Davis. It's game to game. One game at a time. That's the philosophy, you know? You can't go into this one thinking about next week.
Football Diner. Do you feel like with yourself, Frank Gore and Michael Crabtree this is an offense that's this close to really taking off?
Vernon Davis. It could take off, it really could as long as everyone does what they have to do. You know, take care of their responsibilities no matter who it is - quarterback, running back, offensive line. Then, everything can fall into place.
Football Diner. And personal accolades, are they a distant second compared to the team goal?
Vernon Davis. Yeah it's definitely secondary. It's not about whether I go out there and catch 10 balls for 90 yards. If we don't win... it's worthless. But if we do win then there's enough to go round for everybody, so that's what it's about - it's team first.
Football Diner. With Troy in do you feel like there's more pressure on you?
Vernon Davis. Nah, that's what this game is about - performing under pressure.
Football Diner. How do you feel about having to play this game in London - how does it compare to playing at home in San Francisco?
Vernon Davis. I'd be happy to play this game on Mars - I'd play this game anywhere. Seriously, this is just like an away game - you still have to go out and execute the same plays and play with the same people.

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